Out and About

Ironman 70.3

Ironman 70.3 starts on Grand Traverse West Bay to Empire and back through Traverse City. We are a destination for so many events like the VASA, National Stand-up Paddleboard Competition, and Great Lakes Equestrian, to name a few.

Pit Spitters Opening Baseball Season

The Pit Spitters are only one of the exciting attractions in the area for Summer. Year round we have ski hills, curling, hockey, and festivals. You’ll never run out of something to do.

Special Featured Sections

Fashion & Beauty

Local models from area stores don new seasonal fashions and reveal health & beauty secrets and hairstyles. For Men, Women, Children, Teens, and Outdoor Enthusiasts. All in our Summer and Fall quarterly issues!


Because a wedding is the happiest of celebrations for any couple -- and their families -- we include a local Wedding Special Section in both our Spring and Winter issues.

Home & Lifestyles

Remodeled Historical Home

Thinking of building or remodeling? Sometimes our homes no longer meet our needs. Meet a few wonderful builders and their subcontractors.

Pets & Nature

Local Wildlife and Pets

The Grand Traverse Region abounds with wildlife, from the birds and critters who share our outdoors to the invasive species that affect our region and could threaten the future of our beautiful birch trees.


Wish you knew where to find a new hiking trail or the best spots to view a gorgeous sunset? We’ll share some ideas where you can connect with nature.

All Ages

Little Ones to Teens

Be encouraged with helpful and engaging articles for parents of babies, young children, ‘tweens, and teens in every issue.

All Ages

Influence of the Greatest Generation is a wonderful article that encourages adults to mentor young families and children/teens, or ‘A Community of Peers’ is another good one. Something for everyone.

Sports, Health & Fitness

Sports and Fitness.

Learn to row in a skull, stand up paddle board, find great golf courses in our Golf Guide, meet the new CEO of the local YMCA, or try to stay fit regardless of your age and physical limitations.


Deep Tissue Laser for healing and pain relief, Cooking with Collagen, Healthy recipes, Reduce and Reuse as much as you can. You’ll enjoy the varied articles we offer.